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Warsaw Poet is not only a brand. It is a particular philosophy, aesthetic, a way of experiencing the world. It is the result of a quest and of wonder. Reflection. The description of the world through detail, subtlety and fascinating contrasts. The adoration of women’s natural power. It is a wedding gown, but can also be daywear. Experience the coherent variety, which blossoms when it is free, joyful and boundless.

Warsaw Poet dresses are made from natural silk, sophisticated lace and delicate mesh. They are marked by the sensuality of form; they are expressive, but also harmonious. In addition to the permanent collections, the brand can surprise you with small, spontaneously created lines, which consist exclusively of several unique models.

The founder and designer of Warsaw Poet is Magdalena, who previously co-founded the acclaimed MOONS duo. She inherited her passion for drawing after her grandfather, who was a draftsman. She has qualifications in interior design and she loves photography, which she studied at the Academy of Photography in Warsaw. She loves drawing, travelling by an RV, going to flea markets, remodelling pearls found in second-hand shops, collecting beautiful fabrics, books, incense and ceramics.




My atelier in Saska Kępa in Warsaw is a unique space in the style of a secret place. It’s a place for coming together, talking, creating a particular image; it is a world to which we invite every bride who dreams of a little different wedding dress. We arrange an individual meeting for every future bride, for a specific day and hour. You won’t find an address on our website, but we will be happy to provide it when arranging the first visit. This way, we make sure that the meeting is private and that it’s a pleasant experience. We love to awaken all of the senses, which is why we light scented candles, play atmospheric music and it is our pleasure to treat you to bergamot tea. You can make an appointment by calling us or writing to us. Be also assured that our professional staff will assist you in the best way.


It will be our pleasure to set a convenient day and time for meeting, it will be reserved only for you. Warsaw Poet dresses look glamorous with selected accessories, jewellery, and shoes so during the fitting, we not only discuss the available models, but will also create a coherent look which will be close to your and our hearts, including, of course, the choice of the best cut and the best solution. The support of someone close, whose style you value, may also prove useful. We encourage you to bring your mum or friend to the first meeting. Visits to our atelier are free of charge.

the first appointment

In my atelier there are sample models of all available dresses, which you can see in the campaigns section, as well as new additional models designed by me to complement the collection or as part of special limited editions. All of the dresses that you will try on are finished models in size 38. This exemplary size will allow us to determine the best size for you. If there’s any need, we offer specific changes and solutions.
what to take with you

In order to see the final look best, for the first fittings please bring plain underwear in nude or ecru and shoes of heel height similar to the intended one. It will allow us to ensure that all of the elements create the perfect whole. After you make the final decision about the special model, it is important that you bring the underwear and shoes which you will wear on the big day to the first fitting of the chosen dress.

tailor-made – fittings

We secretly hope that in our atelier you will find the model which will make your heart beat faster and which will truly be “the one”. Because the schedule of our workshop has to be planned ahead, we usually ask for a final choice of the dress about 5-6 months before the wedding day. We get to work immediately after signing the contract; we gather the precise measurements and discuss all the details connected to the model during a meeting with the chief of our workshop. We agree on the convenient mode of sewing, as well as the dates, and then we fit your dress during one or two fittings. We like to be sure that it will fit perfectly on the day, so we usually set the date of receipt for 7-10 days before the ceremony.

We start the process of sewing about 2-3 month before the date of the wedding. However, we are aware that there can be situations, in which regular fittings in our workshop in Warsaw will not be convenient for you. This is why we always try to meet the most unusual times. Do you live far, or even abroad, but you would like the dress to be made in a few days? If we agree on this beforehand, it won’t be a problem. For us, what counts is the final effect and what we believe in. We would be honoured if you became our #poetbride.




    WARSAW POET atelier
    Saska Kępa | Warszawa

    to make an appointment:
    + 48 502 761 047

    Magdalena Socha-Włodarska
    designer & CEO
    + 48 502 761 047

    Dagmara Klimczewska
    atelier manager